Cooperating with the implementation of Project P.A.T.H.S., the project started to provide 20-hours of E-Learning training to the teachers and social workers who implement the Tier 1 Programme at the Secondary 1, Secondary 2, and Secondary 3 levels in the year of 2013. Upon completion of the 20 hours training, which includes 12 sessions and the Reflections in each session, participants will be eligible to receive a certificate (corresponding to the level) once reviewed and approved by the Project P.A.T.H.S. Research Team.


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Course Objectives

Help participants to:


  1. Understand the nature and related topics of adolescent development in Hong Kong, and nurture the positive attitude towards adolescent development;
  2. Understand the concept, program, and research of Positive Youth Development;
  3. Understand the conceptual framework, design, implementation, and evaluation mechanisms of the Project P.A.T.H.S.;
  4. Understand the Tier 1 Program, including the Full and Core Programs;
  5. Master the attitude, knowledge, and skills for a successful project implementation.

Brief Introduction

The 20-hours of E-Learning course is divided into two parts with a total of 12 sessions.

The first part (i.e., Session 1 to 4) focuses on introducing the current situation and challenges of the adolescent development in Hong Kong. The concept, program, factors of successful implementation of Positive Youth Development and the related evaluation mechanisms will also be discussed in the sessions. The second part (i.e., Session 5 to 12) focuses on the practical skills which help/assist instructors for mastering the content, skills, and related practical topics of the Tier 1 Program; including experiential learning, teaching skills/strategies, motivational skills, and classroom management.

There are 12 sessions in the 20-hours E-Learning courses, with a recommended completion time in each session. The system will automatically record the learning time and progress/completion of participants in each session. To fulfil the requirement of the E-Learning course, participants need to finish watching all the videos, complete questions and Reflections, and download related references/information in each section. Please note that replaying the same videos will not be counted into the required 20-hours.


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